Center Based Learning
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CreativeLearning’s philosophy is based on research that shows children learn best by doing.  Since children learn by doing,play is a very integral and important part of the program.  Play through centers is used as a learning tool to helpchildren discover language, mathematics, science, art and music.

The curriculum here at Creative Learning allows children the opportunity to try out new ideas, think creatively, and build self-confidence through play in centers.  The curriculum identifies goals in four major areas of development: social, emotional, physical, and cognitive.  The organization of the environment, the daily schedule, the activities, the lesson plans, and how we communicate, all help accomplish these developmental goals.  

Creative Learning’s program is designed to help each child:

-Develop a positive self-concept
-Learn the social skills necessary to interact appropriately with both peers and adults
-Pursue natural curiosity and a desire to learn
-Increase his/her ability of verbal expression
-Enjoy creative pursuits
-Feel comfortable outside his/her home
-Develop trust in others
-Identify positively with people of all backgrounds, cultures and religions
-Be excited to pursue education in coming years.
-Appropriate cognitive development and growth